Delivery Information


We offer a range of shipping options and pricing is available on checkout.

This pricing is calculated based on the products in your cart, however we reserve the right to revise pricing at any time, including after an order has been placed, although we would not do this without first advising any affected customers.

Note, placing an order is not a guarantee of fulfillment.

Generally, products on the site are listed as "in-stock" or "out of stock". Orders can be accepted for items shown as "in stock". If for any reason we cannot ship an item - we will contact you within a reasonable time frame and work through any issues that may be faced.

  • Method

The Seller will select the method of delivery. The delivery charge will normally be added at the time of the order placement. Any variance to this will need to be agreed between the Buyer and the Seller.


  • Delivery Times

We aim to deliver all orders within 2-5 working days from the date of receiving payment for the order. We will use our best endeavours to meet these times, but these are estimates and non-binding on the Seller.

If the product(s) ordered are out of stock, the seller will contact the buyer to organise an acceptable solution which may be a later delivery, an alternative product or a refund.

  • Receiving the order.

On receipt of the order, the Buyer must check that the delivery is complete as described on the carrier’s documentation as per following:

  1. If the buyer or agent of the buyer is present at time of delivery, any shortages and/or damage should be noted in writing by the buyer on the carrier delivery documentation. The buyer must notify the Seller by emailing with details of shortages and/or damages..
  2. If the buyer is not present at the time of delivery, the buyer must immediately notify the seller of any shortages and/or damages by emailing

The buyer must inform the Seller of any claims for damages or shortages within 7 days of receipt.

If the goods are not received within 7 working days from the date of payment for the order,  the Buyer must inform the Seller the Delivery has not been received by emailing The Seller will then track/trace the delivery. Depending on the outcome of the track/trace investigation:

  • The original order will be delivered by the Carrier albeit later than originally anticipated;


  • A replacement order will be despatched by the seller


  • The Seller will refund the Buyer only if replacement stock is unavailable to fulfill the original order.


  • If the carrier is able to demonstrate that the order was delivered no further action will be required as the delivery will be deemed to have been completed.


Return and Refunds

  • Any return of goods by the Buyer to the Seller requires written approval from the Seller prior to the goods being returned.
  • Requests to return goods must be made in writing within 21 working days of receipt of the order by emailing
  • When goods are accepted by the Seller for return, they must be delivered by the Buyer (at the Buyer’s expense) to Tent Town, 103 Jellicoe Road, Panmure, Auckland 1072
  • Items returned must be in original sealed packaging and in a condition that will allow them to be sold at normal retail price. Items accompanied by the original packing slip.
  • Once the returned Goods have been received by Tent Town, the items will be checked to ensure they are in the original condition despatched that will allow them to be sold at normal retail price.
  • Subject to the items being received in an acceptable condition as described above The Seller will:
    • If the original delivery was not what the Buyer ordered, the Seller will refund the cost of the items returned and delivery costs incurred by the Buyer in returning the items to the Seller.
    • If the original delivery was what the Buyer ordered, the Seller will refund the cost of the items returned.
  • If the items returned are not in original sealed packaging and in a condition that will allow them to be sold at normal retail price, the Seller will contact the buyer and advise them that the items are not accepted for refund or exchange and that the cost of return delivery will not be paid by the Seller. In this instance the Seller may at  its’ discretion, offer a refund or exchange of lesser value than the original invoice value. Such an arrangement will need to be agreed to in writing by the Buyer.
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